Wetsuits: Wash in fresh water and dry in the shade

The life span of a wetsuit is extended by rinsing it with fresh and cold waterafter use. Avoid sun drying for any reason. If rinsing with fresh water is impossible, it’s better for the neoprene to remain moist in salt water than to let it dry, even in the shade. You can use recommended washing products for wetsuits so that oil, salt, sand and other types of dirt are fully removed. We do not recommend machine wash or machine drying.

Watches: Water Resistant vs Waterproof

The Water Resistent stamp on a watch backcase indicates its watertightness. It’s usually accompanied by an indication of the static test pressure to which samples of that were exposed. The test pressure can be indicated in units, such as bars, atmospheres or (more commonly) as an equivalent water depth in meters (in the United States, sometimes also in feet).

The depth pressure indication does not mean that the watch has been designed for repeated and prolonged use at high depths. The 30-meter water-resistant indication will not withstand the activity of long dives in a pool, much less the mechanism will work 30 meters underwater. This indication exists because there were static pressure tests performed on the watch's production samples. Since only a few samples are tested, it is likely that not all watches are water resistant at the indicated depth.

The tests that qualify diving watches for repeated use at a given depth (Waterproof), includes factors and safety margins to take into account such as the aging of seals, the properties of water and seawater, rapid changes in pressure, temperature of the water and dynamic mechanical stresses. Each dive watch must be individually tested for water resistance, tightness and overpressure to depth as defined by each brand.

Watches: Sun exposure (overheating)

All metal, due to its properties, have an expansive behavior in face of overheating. This includes metal watches that, when exposed to too much sun, expand and then need time to recover to their original shape when the temperature drops, ensuring that the seals and other components also adjust to this volatility of the materials. Thermal shocks on the watches should be avoided at all costs, as for example in a cold water bath after too much exposure to the sun (on the beach or pool).

NIXON: Ultratide and Mission - discontinued apps

The Ultratide (2015) and Mission (2016) were exciting, innovative introductions to the Nixon line. These rad watch models offered advanced technology for their time and stoked out a lot of Nixon fans, especially in the global surf community. Unfortunately, the featured apps of both watches have become outdated and are no longer supported. For this reason the applications of these Ultratide and Mission models were officially discontinued in September 2021.

What does this mean for the users of these watches?

• Applications were deleted from the app store without customers being notified;

• The backend will shut down, perhaps not immediately, which could cause application crashes;

• However, the good news is that these models can still be configured in basic mode, guaranteeing customers that the basic clock keeps working;

• A related FAQ exists entitled “Is My Watch Technology Obsolete…” has been published on the official website at nixon.com;

Skater Sneakers

A lot of sneaker brands are associated with skating but that does not mean that all of their models are designed with the necessary resistance for the maneuvers that any skater performs in his activity. The choice of suitable skateboarding shoes should be done with expert advice.